Will travel insurance get a major pandemic push?

Will travel insurance get a major pandemic push?

Summer is here! And many of us are waiting to make the most of it and escape the scorching heat by scheduling a travel plan. As restrictions on country-specific travels are lifted, there has been a rising interest in international travels.

Despite the fact that the deadly virus wrecked the travel industry which contributes significantly to GDP, travellers are now starting to dream again of beaches, mountains and monuments. This pent-up demand seems to be boosting travel insurance too. Compared to the pre-pandemic era, more international travellers seem to be buying insurance now.

Today, travel is part of academic, personal and business life, hence students, executives and tourists are likely to buy compulsory travel insurance policies as countries open their borders for unrestricted travel. With Covid-19 running roughshod on global travel, it has become more important to add travel insurance in your to-do list for a hassle-free trip.

Considering the risks associated with travelling in a foreign land, it is crucial for a traveller to cover him/ her from potential financial losses due to theft, loss of travel documents/ passport for a wholesome trip. Travel insurance policy can cover for medical expenses overseas, hijack, baggage, travel delays due to repatriations/ evacuation to India, etc. With Covid-19 and its evolving variants, consider buying travel insurance before you plan your next vacation. To choose the best policy, it is important to understand different Travel insurance plans.

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