Know why financial planning is incomplete without insurance?

Know why financial planning is incomplete without insurance?

People bearing family responsibilities are well aware of the vagaries that life has to offer. And yet, couples find it uncomfortable to discuss a key necessity that will ensure financial security for their families in the event of an unexpected death of the primary breadwinner: life insurance.

While investing and savings may have become a regular topic for investors in India, death is still considered a taboo by many, making it one of the most sensitive topics to be discussed among partners. But being able to talk about death and dying opens up an opportunity for families to share any worries or wishes one may have, making the entire financial planning activity wholesome.

For the breadwinners in the family who work diligently to provide an abundant life for their families, life insurance can serve as the shield that protects your loved ones who are financially dependent on your income and ensures they will be taken care of in the event of your premature demise. That’s why, some experts rightly believe that life insurance can be your last love letter to your family.

Besides the unpredictable nature of life, skyrocketing food and fuel inflation along with the rising cost of education have only added to people’s worries as they consider making their family financially prepared for any unforeseen events.

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